A framework for mini-apps!

Link a dataset to an interactive 3D environment to allow walk-throughs and some analytic operations via game-engine physics.

Allow users to dynamically create and modify database tables. Allow export and import of the table structures and contents. Eventually, allow external cloud services (e.g., ItDuzzIt.com) to link to the tables.

Easily perform simple ETL (Integration: Extract, Transform, and Loading). Create on-the-fly connections to databases, FTP services, and directories to work with data from tables, text files, excel files, XML files, and JSON files. Move the data on-request or via schedules.

Provide historical data (e.g. sales orders, shipment history) and use a sophisticated engine to produce a forecast. Create and manage product, customer, and other hierarchies. Aggregegate up through the hierarchies or enter data at a high level and have those numbers proportion down through the hierarchy. Perform full end-to-end forecast batch runs or dynamically run on-the-fly forecasts for specific subsets of data.

Allow collaborative creation and editing of scripts, project plans, and other resources associated with the production of small film, video, or TV projects.

Share music and lyrics among performers and audience members, allow audience requests, and allow audience members to add monetary "tips" to their requests.

Allow the creation and handling of support tickets (e.g., I.T. issues, support requests, diagnosis, resolution, and status.

Mobile visibility into enterprise data such as Oracle VCP applications (e.g., ASCP, Demantra, EBS, Enterprise systems, Homegrown systems, etc)